Make a Donation

Your tax-deductible donation made out to "Holy Family Catholic Adoption Agency" can be mailed to:

Holy Family Catholic Adoption Agency
St. Raphael’s Parish
7301 Bass Lake Road
Crystal, MN 55428

Feel free to contact us with questions:

Phone: 651-298-0133
24-hour phone: 612-209-5869


Holy Family Catholic Adoption Agency is listed in the Archdiocesan Catholic Directory and is the only Catholic Adoption Agency in the Archdiocese. It was  created in 2001 to save babies from abortion through the loving answer of adoption.

It is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization and relies upon donations. Please consider a donation to assist us in this pro-life ministry.

Please contact Mary Ball, Executive Director of HFCAA, with any questions. 

Thank you.