Endorsement Letter from Bishop Andrew Cozzens

To promote awareness of the life-saving ministry of Holy Family Catholic Adoption Agency (HFCAA), the following letter was sent by Bishop Cozzens to all pastors in the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis. 

June, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I am writing to inform you about Holy Family Catholic Adoption Agency (HFCAA), and to request that you join me in supporting their life saving work. This ministry is presently the only Catholic adoption agency located in our Archdiocese, since Catholic Charities is no longer providing adoption services.

HFCAA was established in 2001, with a mission inspired by St Teresa of Calcutta, to promote adoption as the loving answer to abortion . There is a great need to spread the word about this worthy non-profit organization, because it could make all the difference for someone facing an unplanned pregnancy, and for their unborn child.

Enclosed is a brochure which HFCAA will make available to you, so that you can keep a supply on hand for distribution. In addition, placing information in your parish bulletin is a powerful way to reach those in need. HFCAA will be happy to provide you with sample bulletin information, at your request.

This pro-life agency relies solely on private donations, so in addition to reaching those in need, your influence could help provide the necessary funding from donors to expand their ministry even further.

Please contact Mary Ball, Executive Director of HFCAA, with any questions. She can be reached at holyfamilyadoption@us family.net or 612-209-5869.

Thank you, and be assured of my continued prayers for you and for your important work for the Church.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

The Most Reverend Andrew H Cozzens, STD, DD
Auxiliary Bishop of Saint Paul and Minneapolis

Click here or on the above thumbnail image of the letter to download it as a PDF file. 

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